Behind this company is a team of people right here in Arizona. We know a lot of you from conferences, friends of friends, or because your hustle put you on our radar. Hearing about your businesses taking such a hard hit is frustrating. We can't fix it, but we will do what we can to help.

Mike explains it best:

Honestly, we can't just make it automatically free across the board. We're also trying to stay afloat and keep our own team employed. But we have a little room to lend a hand. SpyFu will be made available for free to anyone who needs it.

Reach our support team through email ( or live chat. If you're an existing customer, please include your account email so we can make that quick adjustment for you. Watch the video to get more information.

It's an imperfect plan that we're throwing out there with the single mission to keep your hard work alive. We will offer a Basic Premium plan (normally $39/month), free for 2 months. (Check in with us at the end of that period if you need additional time.) Some people might take advantage of this, but we're counting on most to do the right thing. So if you need help, let us know. We're all in it together.

We also produced a webinar recently to help you with ideas you can put into action right now that can help you strengthen your business. The idea is to get customer and keep customers with small but strategic steps. Watch it for some ideas you can act on today.


We're talking to friends and colleagues in the industry who are also extending their own offers to help agencies, small business owners, and entrepreneurs through this current crisis:

Intellifluence is offering free lifetime plans.

Blitz Metrics has made its training free for a limited time.

Digital Marketer has opened up its DigitalMarketer Lab throughout the month of March (with possibility to extend).

Moz Academy is sharing a promo code to make its full course list available for free.

CMC Academy: The educational arm of the annual Content Marketing Conference is opening members-only access to everyone for free. Instantly access all the keynotes, sessions, and workshop recordings from 2017 to 2019 along with a treasure trove of content marketing books, guides, maps, templates, sample plans, tool talks, certification programs and more.

Michael Bernoff's 5-day coaching program teaches communication skills aimed to make you "stronger mentally, emotionally and physically." He is offering it free at  

Fortunately, the helpers have been volunteering assistance faster than we can keep up. A few people have compiled more extensive lists of services that are free or at a reduced rate. Check out the details from:

Appsumo: List of Saas Companies that are Offering Help

Scott Cowley: List of Free Digital Marketing Training Available Now

SaaSworthy: COVID-19: The Ultimate List of Free Software and Resources (250+ resources)

Main Street ROI: Marketing Resources

Even better, these all seem to be in the spirit of helping. We're not seeing strings attached or some upsell to a premium product. Some of these are valued at hundreds or thousands of dollars. It's encouraging to see our industry tools and services rallying to build up the people who have supported them, too.

And remember, you've got this.