Ranking for your business' target keywords can be the difference between success and failure.

Ranking means traffic, and traffic means sales.

Luckily, there are dozens of SEO Chrome extensions out there to help you get it right. Unfortunately, finding the extension which is right for you and your business can be a headache.

After extensive researching and testing, we've compiled a monster guide to the top 30. Broken into three categories, this resource should provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and start ranking today.

Use this table of contents to navigate to the SEO Chrome extensions you're most interested in:

  1. SEO Chrome Extensions for Maintenance
  2. SEO Chrome Extensions for Providing and Analyzing SEO Data
  3. SEO Chrome Extensions for Competitor Analysis

Why SEO is Important

Most readers won't need this primer, but it never hurts to reiterate how important SEO is for your business' bottom line.

How many people are using a search engine to research before buying?

  • 68% of B2B customers use search to research online for a solution to their need.
  • 85% of ecommerce consumers research before making a purchase.

Okay, those are big numbers. But does it actually matter where you rank?

Yes. Yes it does.

  • Between 75% and 90% of traffic clicks on the ranking pages on page one (depending on who you ask).
  • About 60% of searchers click on the top 3 spots. Roughly a third of all searchers click on the top spot.

The graph below shows how quickly click-rates drop as you move down the SERP. Take a look:



Here are the best 30 SEO Chrome extensions to help your business get to the top of Google and drive sales:

10 SEO Chrome Extensions for Maintenance

Keeping your website optimized is a constant challenge. Upkeep is everything, but (if you're like most of us) you're on your own.

Your developers, copywriters and a parade of elephants trample through your pages - adding updating, changing, removing and breaking your carefully-tuned site.

These 10 SEO Chrome extensions help you to maintain your website's current optimization.

4 Stars      |      191,185 users

Check My Links is an SEO extension which crawls through your webpages and looks for broken links, then reports them and enables you to copy them all with a single click.

Essentially, this extension gives you a shortcut to Google Webmaster Tools, but it's page-specific and significantly simpler to use.

5 Stars      |      45,737 users

This SEO extension performs analysis of your page links, link redirects, and REL-canonicals.

Link Redirect Trace shows you if a page has nofollow tags, noindex tags, bot-specific blocking or robots.txt blockages.

Tag Assistant (by Google)

4 Stars      |      1,680,963 users

Google's own SEO Chrome extension, Tag Assistant is an essential tool to troubleshoot the tag installation for your business' Google Analytics, Adwords conversion tracking, Google Tag Manager and more.

Navigate to any page of your website and click the extension from your toolbar. Tag Assistant will automatically show which tags are present and report errors.

Page Load Time

4.75 Stars      |      145,092 users

Getting your page load times down is a big part of optimizing your site for search.

As it says on the box, this SEO Chrome extension measures page load time and displays it in a toolbar at the top of your browser window.

The extension uses the Web Timing API for precise measurement.

AMP Validator

4.2 Stars      |      57,918 users

Ensuring your website is updated with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) has become an SEO necessity.

Once you've optimized your site, use this SEO Chrome extension to validate your pages and make sure you're good to go.

Ayima Page Insights

5 Stars      |      5,849 users

The Avima Page Insights SEO Chrome extension helps you discover technical issues and errors.

Broken down into three categories (errors, warnings, and information) the extension lets you know automatically if there's something which needs addressing on your web pages.

ObservePoint TagDebugger

4.2 Stars      |      36,470 users

This is the leading tag-analysis extension.

ObservePoint will show everything you need to know about the tags active on your pages:

  • Tag name
  • Account
  • Category
  • Status
  • Load time
  • Size
  • Full-request data
  • POST data
  • Parsed variable data

In short, everything you need to know to make sure your page tags are displaying correctly and don't need repairing.

Web Developer

4.5 Stars      |      1,117,443 users

Many devs will probably already be using this Chrome extension, but if you're not, then listen up.

Web Developer adds a toolbar to your Chrome browser which displays common web developer tools.

This tool saves time for front-end and back-end devs both.

5 Stars      |      5,862 users

This SEO Chrome extension reveals structured metadata (crucial for SERP feature optimization).

OpenLink's Data Sniffer will show Microdata, RDFs, JSON-LD, Turtle, and more - essential for managing your metadata.

User‐Agent Switcher for Chrome

4 Stars      |      1,878,646 users

Exactly as it says in the title, this SEO Chrome extension enables search optimizers to switch between user-agent strings with a single click.

This extension is super handy if you're optimizing your desktop website for mobile (or checking between the two) - an essential part of SEO.

10 SEO Chrome Extensions for Providing and Analyzing SEO Data

Arthur Conan Doyle (through Sherlock Holmes) said, "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.  "Nowhere is this truer than SEO. Data is everything in this business.

These 10 Chrome extensions are all about delivering data (both quantitative and qualitative) straight to you.

SEOStack Keyword Tool

4.5 Stars      |      26,816 users

SEOStack's Keyword extension generates and gives data about long-tail keywords relevant to your business.

Whether you're looking for some low-hanging, long-tail key phrases to add to one of your content pillars or going for writing a new article, having a library of good long-tail key phrases is a lifesaver.

Keywords Everywhere

5 Stars      |      751,394 users

The Keywords Everywhere SEO Chrome extension is a handy little shortcut - giving you data from Google's Search Console and Adwords tools where you need it, in the moment.

So long as Keywords Everywhere is activated, you'll see keyword volume, cost-per-click, and competition data whenever you type a keyword into Google.

You'll also see (on the right side of the search results) related keywords and "People Also Search For" with volume, CPC and Competition values for each.


4.25 Stars      |      5,411 users

The SerpWorx SEO Chrome extension displays more than 30 different SEO metrics for any site you visit in a handy little sidebar.

It must be said that the SerpWorx extension costs $29.95/month, but it does display valuable SEO data from Majestic SEO, MOZ, SEMRush, and others.

Ahrefs Toolbar

4 Stars      |      42,396 users

A combination of SerpWorx and Keywords Everywhere above, Ahrefs Toolbar is a powerful little extension.

When activated on any page, it will show:

  • URL rating
  • Domain rating
  • # of ranking keywords
  • # of backlinks
  • # of referring domains
  • Estimated organic search traffic

Like Keywords Everywhere, the extension also shows search volume, CPC, clicks, and keyword difficulty for any search term you put into Google.


4 Stars      |      618,215 users

MozBar's SEO Chrome extension is the primary competitor to Ahrefs toolbar above.

When you visit a page, MozBar will give you metrics similar to SerpWorx or Ahrefs, but it also allows you to…

  • Compare link metrics across pages while viewing a SERP
  • Find and highlight links, displaying whether they're NoFollow, DoFollow, external or internal
  • See page elements, markup, HTTP status, and general attributes for a page.


4 Stars      |      79,547 users

This is a straightforward but super handy little SEO Chrome extension.

When turned on, NoFollow will outline nofollow links on webpages. It'll also detect noindex meta tags.


5 Stars      |      3,455 users

N.A.P. Hunter is a helpful tool for any SEO team looking to optimize for local search.

This SEO Chrome extension does multiple searches of your business (or any business you're interested in), to make sure you're consistently reporting your N.A.P. details.

2022 Update: The makers of NAP Hunter learned that a Chrome update caused their extension to lose full functionality. They posted an updated link, but that is no longer available. Considering that the extension itself was so popular among SEO teams, we are keeping the summary here and checking from time to time for any new working links.


4.5 Stars      |      559,463 users

SEOQuake's Chrome extension is all about SEO audits.

If you're looking to take a deep dive into your (or your competitor's) optimization, SEOQuake will show you…

  • A full report of internal/external links
  • Keyword density
  • URL comparisons
  • A review of almost all major metrics
  • Mobile compatibility

SEO & Website Analysis (By WooRank)

4 Stars      |      194,318 users

A competitor to SEOQuake above, SEO & Website Analysis (by WooRank) provides SEO reporting.

When engaged, the extension will open a popup with SEO analysis of any page you visit.

Portent’s SEO Page Review

5 Stars      |      2,630 users

This SEO Chrome extension enables you to review SEO elements and see issues on a page of your website, all without making an external request.

In the words of one reviewer, an added perk is that it "sends you straight to the Facebook debugger so you can quickly refresh the cache on Facebook posts if you have to."


10 SEO Chrome Extensions for Competitor Analysis

Keeping an eye on your competitors is a crucial part of doing business, no matter what department you're in.

For search optimizers, watching your competitor's pages can inform your own SEO strategy and help to identify gaps in theirs.

These 10 SEO Chrome extensions are built to more effectively dig into the pages, websites and ranking links of your business' competitors.

Let's check them out.

SEO Search Simulator

5 Stars      |      9,045 users

This is a handy SEO Chrome extension to get a more complete understanding of your target keywords ranking throughout the world.

SEO Search Simulator simulates a search engine query from any location in the world (without forcing you to do it manually on Google).

This shows you not just where you rank across the world, but where your competitors are dominating or lacking (giving you an insight into ranking opportunities you may not have seen).

Data Scraper — Easy Web Scraping

4 Stars      |      175,929 users

This is an SEO Chrome extension which some could argue leans towards the grey-hat side of the coin.

The Data Scraper Chrome extension extracts data from HTML web pages and sends it directly to Excel or Google Sheets.

You can also export web pages into XLS, CSV, XLSX or TSV files.


4.5 Stars      |      10,000,000+ users

How is an ad blocker extension related to SEO, you ask?  SEO is all about ranking organically. Unless you have a good ad blocker, you can get bogged down (or even lose sight) of where your competitors are ranking organically.

It's surprising how many marketers and search optimizers are still trawling through Google without a good ad blocker.


4.25 Stars      |      165,585 users

The WhatRuns Chrome extension allows you to see (as you might expect) the systems and platforms which run your competitor's websites (or perhaps just the websites you love).

A cool feature is that you can "follow" websites to receive a notification if they start using any new technology or remove an existing one.

Who are we kidding? Every marketer or search optimizer has done a bit of "competitor stalking" now and then.


4.75 Stars      |      982,426 users

The Wappalyzer is a similar extension to WhatRuns, so if you're dissatisfied with one, check out the other.

For what it's worth, Wappalyzer has about 800,000 more users and slightly superior reviews.


4 Stars      |      10,117 users

Another "shortcut" extension, gInfinity enables infinite scroll for Google search results.

Scroll down to the bottom of the search result and the following 20 search results are automatically added to the search result.

Realistically this SEO Chrome extension saves you 10 or 20 seconds a day. But, when added up, those seconds count.


4.75 Stars      |      260,042 users

LinkClump lets you open (or copy, or bookmark) multiple links.

If you're doing link-building and want to contact the businesses linked to from a competitor's article (or visa versa), the LinkClump SEO Chrome extension makes it a far simpler process.


4 Stars      |      42,160 users

FatRank enables you to visit a website and search for a keyword. The Chrome extension will display where that website ranks in Google for that keyword (and which URL).

This is an essential tool for link-building and keyword/competitor research


4 Stars      |      570,570 users

SimilarWeb enables you to see key SEO metrics for your competitor's site, including engagement rates, traffic sources, keyword ranking, and more.


4 Stars      |      22,568 users

BuzzSumo provides live share counts for your competitor's content (including Twitter counts, which aren't officially available on most sites).

Your social media team is probably already using the BuzzSumo Chrome extension to share content, but don't neglect it for SEO. It shows most-shared content for your competitor's site, analyzes content formats, and more.

Final Thoughts

Whether maintaining your site optimization, getting down and dirty with data, or digging into your competitors, these Chrome extensions are built to make your life easier

Hopefully one (or a dozen) of these 30 SEO Chrome extensions is right for you and your business goals.