SEO Curriculum

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Find SEO Keywords

Do you want to find good SEO keywords in your industry to help build successful content and bring qualified people to your site?

In this video you’ll learn how to use SpyFu to find top performing organic keywords in your niche. We’ll cover how to sort and filter your top competitor’s keywords and find that low hanging fruit you can take advantage of.

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SEO Overview

Welcome to the world of SEO research! This quick video will give you a rundown on how to leverage SpyFu’s SEO Overview. This will quickly get you to the place you want to focus your individual SEO efforts.

It should guide you on how to make and save money using the best techniques in your industry using Google’s organic portion of the SERP.

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SEO Kombat Tour

With Kombat you can quickly compare your SEO presence to other domains in your industry. Get content ideas and successful keyword recommendation. You have the ability to add as many competitors as you'd like.

This video will instruct you on how to use some of the advanced features of Kombat, but feel free to play around with the tool, and find the keywords that you’re looking for in a matter of minutes.

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SpyFu’s Top Pages

SpyFu’s Top Pages section is a game changer for content creators.

This video provides a quick introduction to the tool, including content analysis, and keyword based filtering.

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How to Come Up with Content Ideas

Creating fresh content for your site is very important. It improves your SEO which helps people find your site. It also helps people understand who you are and what you do.

This video will give you a run down on different ways to come up with new content ideas that are relevant to your site and attract the people you are hoping to reach.

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Finding Content Ideas in Reddit

Reddit can be an incredible place for finding fresh content ideas that speak directly to your target audience.

In this video we’re going to talk about how to use Reddit to come up with new and interesting content ideas for your site.

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Backlinks Overview

Backlinks are key when building a proper SEO campaign. It helps guide users to the relevant content, and also creates important ‘link juice’ that Google rewards in the SERP.

This video will give you an overview of SpyFu’s backlinks tool, so you can create these important connections easily.

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MySpyFu Outreach Tool

SpyFu’s backlink feature allows you to search for keywords or domains and find safe and reliable backlinks, already indexed by Google. We took this process and made it even faster with our Outreach Manager.

This video will show you the ropes of how to use this feature so you can organize and customize your backlinks more efficiently.

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Advanced Backlinks Techniques

This short video will teach you how to dive deeper into SpyFu’s backlinks tool.

Including a hack on how to promote out to potential prospects with content that they specifically will enjoy.

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How to do an SEO Audit

SEO can be tricky at times, especially when your ranks start tanking inexplicably. In 2017 that happened with SpyFu, and it was equally confusing and terrifying, but through research and a lot of work, we fixed it.

This video will explain our personal process on this journey, and success, to help you either fix or prevent this thing from happening to your business.

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SERP Analysis

SpyFu's SERP Analysis is a quick way to detect important ranking factors for a keyword. Including the ranks and rank changes for specific content and URLs.

The power player sites that have multiple results for one keyword, and all the ads that are running for that search.

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Evergreen Content vs Time Sensitive Content

Different types of content are important for every content campaign. They have different, but equally important, levels of longevity and intent.

This video will teach you the basics of ‘evergreen content’ and ‘time sensitive content’ and the different ways that you can leverage each of them for your SEO strategies.

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Missing SEO Data

Not seeing any SEO results for a domain?

This video will explain the reasons that SpyFu might not be seeing a domain's content.