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Not seeing any SEO results for this domain, here’s why that might be happening:


The most obvious reason is that this domain isn’t ranking on anything yet.

We track billions of keywords for millions of domains, so when there are no results it generally means their content simply isn't appearing on the top 10 pages of Google.  We’ve also been tracking this stuff for over 15 years, so if we’ve never seen it, odds are it’s not being seen.

Maybe they aren’t getting enough traffic, or the proper backlinks.  They may be focusing solely on Ads or just don’t have a strong internet presence yet.

If you KNOW they rank on keywords, here are the reasons we might not be seeing it.

  1. Branded & Niche Keywords:
    It's possible that this domain is only ranking on highly-niched phrases - like a brand name, product-based keywords, or unique long-tail keywords. Again, SpyFu tracks billions of keywords, but it’s tough to catch them all.

The good news is, you can add these niche keywords to our database, and we strongly advise that you do that right away - even common misspelling of your domain or products might be helpful to add.

You can request thousands of keywords every day. It might take some time to gather them and display results, but once they’re in there they’ll be returning useful data forever.  

  1. New to SEO
    Another reason they might not be showing up is because they’ve only recently gotten into the SEO game.  SpyFu updates their main database once a month, so if someone just started writing articles and ranking on keywords, simply check back in a month or two and their content and ranks should be showing up on our site.

If you don’t want to wait that long, go to the “Tracking” portion of our website to track specific keywords much more frequently, about once a week.

  1. Only Ranking Locally:
    If you know they are ranking in the top 100 spots on Google, for keywords that SpyFu definitely tracks, it’s probably because you’re getting localized results.  

    If I’m searching for flower shops in Google, many of the results are going to be businesses here in Scottsdale AZ.  SpyFu takes data from a neutral location so as not to have our information be influenced by these types of local results.  

Fortunately you can also add location specific keywords such as, “Colorado Springs Flower Shop” to our database, and this will start to get you on our radar.

  1. Not Ranking High Enough:
    Finally, check to make sure that they are ranking in the top 100 results of Google. If they're not in those first 10 pages, SpyFu can’t see their content.  

    Good news is, once they move up in the ranks we’ll be able to track their content and ranked keywords just fine.

Now that you get what’s going on, try typing some competitors into the search bar and see what they're doing in SEO.  Spying on your competition is what SpyFu is best at.  Focus on their best keywords, emulate some of their best articles, and gather their top backlinks.  

These techniques can only help your domain succeed in SEO.

If none of these tips help you out, hop on live chat and we’ll help you with your specific problem.

Because we love our customers and want them to be awesome.  

As always, thank you for watching.