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Welcome to the new and improved SEO Kombat. Now it’s easier to use and more actionable than ever.

With Kombat you can compare your domain against multiple competitors and use their combined strategies to quickly find new keyword opportunities for your organic campaigns.

We’ve added next generation metrics and keyword topics that can guide your content marketing and SEO strategies.

We wanted to make Kombat as simple and practical as possible, and I’m excited to show you the ropes of its features.


For most people doing competitive SEO research on Kombat, we suggest entering your own domain into the search box at the top.

Kombat will automatically add the two biggest competitors in your organic space. These competitors are built from your overlapping SEO keyword lists on Google’s SERP.

So even if you don’t recognize these domains, consider checking them out to help reveal online opportunities you might be unaware of.

You can always remove any of these domains, and NOW you can also add as many competitors as you’d like!

Being able to add several domains has a multitude of advantages. Two of the biggest ones is that

  1. It will give you a better idea of your Keyword Universe - That's the entire list of keywords that any of these businesses in your industry are ranking for in Google searches. You can check out this keyword cornucopia by clicking on “All Keywords”

  1. Kombat will also reveal missing keywords - so you can see what topics and keywords several competitors are actively ranking on and you are not.

Let’s dive into that second one for a second by clicking on “Missing Keywords” and scrolling down.

These are all keywords all of these competing domains are ranking on, but you are not. You’ll notice the columns to the right displaying our new Next Generation metrics for these keywords.

I personally like to target keywords with high volume, but a low level of ranking difficulty. So I’m going to click on the Columns button, and check box the Keyword Difficulty to add that metric to this chart.

Kombat automatically sorts the results by highest Volume, so I’m just going to look for keywords with a relatively low ranking difficulty.

This way I can single out keywords that fit my brand and products and start adding them to my keyword lists for potential content or product descriptions.

Of course, this is just one strategy you can use, SpyFu Kombat now has keyword topics you can use to build your content strategies.


Topics, help you find big opportunities more clearly by working at the topic-level. Topics group this domain’s keywords together automatically, letting you focus on the higher level subjects that are guiding people to this site.

Keep in mind that these topics are still contained within the segment you’re on. So we could even change the segment to “Questions” to see what Question based keywords all of these domains are ranking on.

Going back to the “Missing Keywords” segment; Topics will list groups of keywords that your competitors are ranking on, but you are not.

We also sort and display the overall volume of a topic at a glance, so you can jump into your biggest potential opportunities.

You can build better content and strategies when you work with keywords that stem off of a topic. You can even drill into subcategories and use the list of keywords to build focused articles, tutorials, and product pages. As you click on the different topics and subtopics you’ll notice the keyword results on the right adjust to fit within those categories.

The topics work hand in hand not only with Segments but also with Filters.


Filters quickly eliminate the noise and get to the actionable stuff.

You can choose the keywords that you would like to include or exclude in the results. As well as things we talked about earlier like search volume and keyword difficulty.

These simple filters allow you further search within a group within a segment, really helping you focus on exactly what you need for your campaigns.

Again, this eliminates the excess data, so you can better focus on your task at hand.

When you have the keyword set or group that you want, Kombat makes it easy to export them in a variety of convenient ways.

Add → (Convenient timesaver), (copy to clipboard)

After clicking on a keyword group or subgroup you can add the entire thing to a MySpyFu project. Make sure you have the right project open here on the right, and then simply click add group.

You can then open up and see your new group added to your project. SpyFu will automatically start tracking the performance and trends of this group and its keywords. It’s a simple feature that will save you a ton of time.

You can also export the entire keyword list to a CSV, Google Sheets, PDF, or simply copy it to a clipboard and use whatever software is most comfortable for you.

Combining these strategies:

When you combine multiple competitors you can look at the expansive keyword lists, and also discover ranking opportunities you might be missing.

Then use the topics to help guide your content, and filters to zoom into specific SEO keyword lists.

You are basically building entire content and product campaigns with focused suggested keywords.This process of research and discovery used to take hours or days to accomplish, but with Kombat, you’ll be on your way in a matter of minutes.

And that was the entire intent of this tool and this update.

Wrap Up:

SEO Kombat is a fast, easy, and quite frankly fun way of building content ideas and organic strategies through focused keywords.And we here at SpyFu are so excited for it to more in depth, and more useful than ever.

As always Thank you for watching