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Find PPC Keywords

Do you want to find good PPC keywords in your industry BEFORE you spend your money in Google Ads? At SpyFu we try to make finding strong PPC keywords as quick and easy as possible.

The entire process takes only minutes and will help you build a list of relevant, actionable keywords for your site. Leverage these up and coming keywords and set up the groundwork for your Google Ads campaign.

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Find Strong PPC Ad Copy

Writing ad copy for an AdWords campaign can be tedious and expensive. How do you know what ads people click on? What are their titles, and how do you adjust them for seasonal trends?

In this video you’ll learn how to use SpyFu to find & emulate top ranking PPC ad copy for keywords in your industry. We'll go over the things that you should look for and be inspired by to help build your ads, so you don't have to deal with the painful trial and error period on your own.

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Interactive AdWords Advisor

The Interactive Google Ads Advisor is a powerful, valuable keyword tool for anyone working with Google Ads.

In this video we will show you how to reduce days of work into a few seconds by just typing a domain into SpyFu. Let's get started.

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What is ROAS

Although marketers are familiar with ROI, its cousin metric ROAS ties more closely to your PPC campaign. In this lesson, we'll cover the "Return On Ad Spend" metric and how it can help you determine the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

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PPC Overview

This quick video will show you the basics of the SpyFu PPC Overview tab.

This hub will will give you a broad look at a site's PPC presence, and will also help you find the specific tools that you use to improve your ads campaigns.

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Find More Search Variants

Although you set your PPC ads to appear on certain phrases (and combinations), people still find your ads through specific phrases they typed.

Google isn't sharing all of the searches that trigger your ads. Those details are an important part of PPC campaign improvement. In this video we explain the situation and show you a workaround.

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PPC Kombat

Ad managers often worry about what's missing from their campaigns. Even if you are performing well in PPC, there's opportunity in areas where you're not advertising but your competitors are.

In this video, we show you how to discover keywords that work for multiple competitors in your space.

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Google Ads Advisor for Domains

After you get a PPC campaign up and running, your work doesn't stop there. It's important to test new keywords and remove phrases that don't bring in relevant traffic.

In this video, we will show you a shortcut for finding our best recommendations for your PPC campaign--based on what is working well for your competitors.

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Google Ads Advisor for Keywords

This lesson builds on the idea of getting advice for specific keywords to use in your campaign and phrases to set to negative match.

Watch this video to see how that works when you start with a keyword or topic instead of an established competitor. That's more helpful when you are moving into a new niche or just getting your campaign off the ground.

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AdWords Templates from SpyFu

We like the idea that PPC should be accessible to everyone, even if you are lacking time or resources. This lesson should help you shake off any hesitation about starting in Google Ads.

Watch more to learn how to use ad campaign templates to help you get up and running within minutes.

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Bulk Uploads

As you grow your campaigns, you'll find yourself collecting keyword ideas at all times. It helps to have consistent, quality data for those keywords, no matter where you find them. In this video, we show you how to use a Bulk Upload tool to add insightful data to your custom lists of keywords.

Simply paste in a column of your keywords, and SpyFu will automatically group them so they're all ready to be sorted and exported! It's incredibly fast and easy.

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At its core Spyfu is a competitive intelligence tool. Where you can spy on your competitors, and find their keywords and ads.

The first question is, exactly who are your competitors? This video will go over the best way to find those competitors using SpyFu. You might be surprised to find out that it may not be who you originally thought.

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Missing PPC Data

Not seeing any PPC results for this domain? This video will explain the reasons that SpyFu might not be seeing a domain's ads.