Video Script

Real quick - we just launched our new “Competitors Tab”, which gives you a bunch of detailed information about your competition.  I just want to give you a rundown of how to use it.  

To find the competitors tab, simply type in a domain, and then click on the tab that says competitors.  We’ll automatically give you some sites that are ranking on the same keywords as the domain you typed in.  As well as a giant list that you can pick and choose from.  

This is for both SEO and PPC competitors, just scroll down a little bit for the ppc stuff.

You may not have realized that some of these guys were even that big of a threat to your online presence.  But we’ll show how much the keywords you are buying, or ranking on organically, overlap these other domains.  The ones with a large overlap are vying for a lot of the same online real-estate as you are.

You can manually add and delete domains on the chart or just use the check boxes on our list.

For you mac users, you may not see the scroll bar when you add stuff, but it’s there.  Just scroll like normal.  

Everything is dynamically updated in the grid and the chart, so you can get the full scope of historical trends and raw data.  

To give you some comparative insight, you can now clone charts.  This means you can see different pieces of data side by side.  For SEO, you can check out the amount of SEO keywords, then compare that to the relative monthly clicks, and the value of those clicks.

On the paid end you can see how they’ve adjusted their ad spend over time.  Where they have boosted and cut back on spending and then compare that data side by side to how many clicks they got because of it.  

Click the trendline box to see how groups of data or how all of this has been trending overall.  To add more detail to it, check the other boxes and see when google had a freshness update or a new feature.  

This will give you a strong idea of how your competition has been performing overall, and also if there were any specific updates that took a toll on your industry.

Finding out how your competitors are moving in your niche is at the very heart of what SpyFu does.  Now you can drill into what your competition is up to in a way that you’ve never been able to do before, gaining insight and inspiration on how to keep your campaign on top.