Careers at SpyFu

Based in the Scottsdale Airpark, SpyFu was launched in 2006
and is a self-funded, profitable and growing search marketing tools leader.

What We Do

SpyFu's competitive intelligence fuels smarter strategies for SEO and PPC professionals. They can turn to SpyFu to learn the keywords their competitors buy and which ones they optimize their site for. These trusted advertising secrets become a map to high-performing keywords, ad copy, and content ideas that drive online marketing success.

Culture at SpyFu

SpyFu grows from real-world stories we hear from people who are looking for ways to make their search marketing lives easier. Many companies get user feedback over email. We often get ours over a beer.

If our innovation and customer-driven focus is any indication, you see that we take search marketing solutions seriously. But that’s where the seriousness ends. Our President triggers comments like “most entertaining presentation of the day” as a guest speaker and created what was later called “the best final slide I’ve ever seen in a presentation. Period.”

The way we see it, our customers should be in on the fun, too.

What We Offer


We pay market-competitive salaries.

Equity Options

Ask about that at the interview, but rest assured there's a nice upside.


At SpyFu you have the chance to make partner.

Health Care

Health benefits through your choice of providers.

Retirement Plan

We offer a 401 K with a 4% company match.


Awesome People

We pride ourselves on hiring only the very best.

Personal Space

You get an office, with an actual door.


Food and beverages are provided. Pretty much name it and it will magically appear.


We have a commercial-grade automatic espresso machine.


From electric drift trikes (Google it) to Xbox One, we've got the toys.


We have a keg – actually two kegs. Right now, one of them is a homebrew by one of our developers (called SpyBrew White IPA), and the other is a Dos XX Amber.


We don't mess around when it comes to fun. We play ping pong – a lot. We even have a ping pong robot. Oh, yeah, and there's a ping pong instructor that comes in to give lessons every Friday. Foosball is kind of the new ping pong for us. There's at least 3 games a day these days. We also have a boxing and MMA trainer come in twice a week.


A massage therapist visits weekly, and a hair stylist comes in once a month.

Open Positions