Video Script:

SEO ain’t just about content anymore.

It’s about creating connections.

It’s about building those blasted backlinks.

It’s about…

You know what, not everything needs a gritty reboot right??  Also, this is bubble gum.


This video is about backlinks, why they’re important, and how SpyFu is doing its best to make backlink building easy for you.

I just made a video going over all the features of our backlinks tab, if you’d like to watch it I’ll link to it at the end of the video, and also right here (*ding!*)

Learning how to use the tool is great, but I wanted to explain why we made our tool the way we did.  

1. Safety First

A lot of backlink software will run a full backlink scrape on a domain, giving you suggestions on which backlinks might be high risk.  Why chance that?  We’ve seen too many good people get slammed by google because they unknowingly got links from spammy, blackhat sites buried in the depths of the web.  We eliminated this problem by only displaying pages that are already ranked in Google - basically those that already have Google’s seal of approval.  There are zero risky backlinks on our site,

2. Keywords

Bottom line, you’re seeking good backlinks to improve your SEO.  You want to improve your SEO presence to rank higher on keywords.  So why not START with the keywords?  That’s why we allow you to either filter by keyword, if you’re looking at a competitor’s domain.  Or straight up find all the backlinks that are helping people rank on specific keywords.

3. Passive aggressive friendship

We’re not supposed to talk about this step.  Nobody talks about this step!!!  We can provide the best links and the contact info for them, but you have to do the reaching out part.  DMs and cold calls can work, but there’s a cleverer way to get your content seen on a larger scale.

Take the contacts that you’ve found in SpyFu and import them into facebook and twitter as a custom audience.  When you write a piece of content you think will spark their attention, just promote it to that audience.  It’s a cheap, efficient way to make sure they see your stuff at regular intervals.  Setting up the groundwork for a mutually beneficial connection.

Our backlink builder is unique in the field, and I wanted to let you know why we did what we did!  We built it to help you guys, so if there’s anything else you can think of to improve it, let us know in the comments.