Video Script:

This is a quick 3 and a half minute video covering the basics of SpyFu’s SEO Overview tab, so you can get spying on your SEO competitors in a flash.

You get to the SEO Overview by simply by clicking on SEO Research, and then typing in the domain of one of your competitors.  Ideally someone you know is doing work in SEO and ranking on keywords organically.

If you don’t know your competitor, you can type in your domain (or the domain of your client), scroll down a little bit and wham, your top organic competitors are right there.  

Much like the other overview tabs we try and keep the most important SEO information at the top.  Starting with these top graphs that will show you the current state and historical evolution of this domain’s Organic Keywords, How their ranks have changed, How many clicks we estimate they’re getting from these keywords, and finally how much we think those clicks are worth - if they were instead purchased in PPC

If you want, you can check out the full history of this site, going back to 2008.  

To the right, we list how many keywords they have on the valuable first page of google, how many are new this month, and how many just fell off the first page.  You can click on these graphs to see exactly what these keywords are and how they gained or fell in the ranks.

Heading back to the overview

We’re going to give you even more detail about the performance of this domain’s keywords.  Which of their keywords are moving up in the ranks or down, and even which ones are brand new for this domain.

This chart represents the makeup of their backlink profile, what type of content is linking back to them, relative to other content.  The last piece of data we display up here is how long we have data for this particular domain, and how many keywords they share with their top two competitors.

Once again here are the domains that we identify as their top competitors, and how their campaigns have evolved over the last several years.  Including the amount of keywords, estimated clicks, and even the dollar value of those clicks.

A little further down we show what keywords they overlap with their two biggest competitors in SpyFu Kombat.  Just like in the charts above, you can click view all on any of these sections to get more details about it.

Below the overlap, you will find a bunch of information about this domain’s SEO keywords.  Their most valuable keywords, the ones that are gaining in ranks, even the ones that just got on or fell of the front page.  

The backlink profile of a domain is huge to get them noticed on the SERP.  What domains and specifically what exact pieces of content, whether it be blogs or forums are guiding people toward this domain.  If this is a direct competitor in your niche, then many of these sites will probably link back to you if you have similar content.  This is a great place to quickly see who to reach out to to build your inbound links.

At the bottom of the page you’ll find how this domains top keywords have been moving up and down in the ranks over the last several years.  As well as how, as a whole, these keywords have been improving or failing.  

All of this data can be also summed up in the form of a report. We’ll let you know any domain’s biggest accomplishments and opportunities in SEO for that month.  It will give recommendations based on performance, and let you know what its direct competitors are doing.  You can take this report to onboard a new client, get an analysis of your site, or see how your competition is performing.

If you would just like to export the raw data or charts from this page, without any recommendations, you can do so with by scrolling to the top and click on Export PDF.  This will give you all of the graphs you see on this page, so you can print or save it.

And those are the basics of the SEO overview, play around with it and feel free to watch our many other videos and read our blogs that go more in depth into each page and chart and how you can use them to your best advantage.  

Thank you for watching