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Internet Marketing Ninjas is a full service Internet marketing company that utilizes several SpyFu tools and technology. Since 1999, Internet Marketing Ninjas (IMN) has been helping grow the online presence of some of the biggest brands in the world. Today IMN employs nearly 100 people, all under one roof, acting in unison as a full service online marketing company. They offer a wider variety of services than most and have the knowledge and expertise of an army of the most talented people in the online marketing world.

Services Offered

Internet Marketing Consulting Services

There isn't another company with the talent pool of thought leaders which Internet Marketing Ninjas employs. These experts can identify opportunities for your website and provide thorough and actionable recommendations.

Link Building Services

Internet Marketing Ninjas is well known as one of the most famous link building companies in the world. They employ white-hat tactics to achieve links that are real, natural, and permanent.  They have several techniques to help create great content which gets mentioned naturally online. They also utilize the SpyFu Backlink Builder in their arsenal of tools to help them obtain links.

Content Creation & Optimization

Internet Marketing Ninjas has a team of writers which can better optimize the content on your website, and they can write new pages to expand your keyword rankings, traffic, and relevance to search engines. Some of the tools they use for keyword research for that content are SpyFu's Keyword SmartSearch, Keyword Groupie, and Kombat.

Digital Asset Development & Promotion

reating digital assets for your site is essential in creating a website that is more useful than your competitors', and that will help get your brand mentioned across multiple channels. These signals are great for your brand, as well as for the search engines.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

If you suspect that you're throwing money away in your PPC campaign, then you probably are. Internet Marketing Ninjas utilizes their PPC experts as well as tools such as the SpyFu Adwords Advisor, PPC Campaign Analysis tools, and AdHistory from SpyFu to assist their PPC campaigns.

Website Usability & Persuasive Design

Understanding user behavior and how users interact with your site is essential to its success. Internet Marketing Ninjas can provide analysis so you can increase your conversion rate by leveraging the visitors your site earns.

Interactive Website Design

You can have your website designed by designers, and then consult and implement SEO, or your can have it done right the first time by having it built from the ground up by professional designers who also understand SEO, user behavior, and conversion optimization.

Social Media Marketing

Signals from Social Media are used in engines like Google and Bing, and so having a strong positive presence in social media spaces is essential. Having a positive customer influence and getting lots of brand mentions, as well as converting people into brand evangelists, is part of the social media strategies employed at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Online Reputation Management

If your brand has a reputation issue, Internet Marketing Ninjas can help you reclaim branded search results to reaffirm user trust and help restore your good name.

Disavow and Google Reconsideration Services

If your site has been affected by the Google Penguin Update, or if you have a manual penalty, the team at Internet Marketing Ninjas can analyze your backlinks, create a disavow document, and help write a Google reconsideration request on your behalf.

You can see a complete list of internet marketing services offered by Internet Marketing Ninjas here.