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SpyFu's competitive intelligence fuels smarter strategies for SEO and PPC professionals.

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SpyFu President and Founder Mike Roberts understands search marketing from different angles. Having founded SpyFu in 2006 and introduced Recon Files in 2010, he led the charge in transforming the way search marketers craft their strategies in PPC and SEO. His creations fuel success for many entrepreneurs, but as SpyFu President, Mike puts himself in the mind of a search marketer just trying to make sense of challenges ahead.

"I absolutely love to see people from all walks of life improving their lives with what I have created. It gives me a connectedness to my world that I had never found in corporate life. I will never stop doing what I do. It is my passion."

In 1999, Mike founded Velocityscape as a technology and management consulting firm with clients such as Microsoft, Charles Schwab, and Wells Fargo.

Capitalizing on the potential behind retrieving information off the web and packaging it, Mike spent late hours and spare time building SpyFu, a resource that turns Adwords data and Google search results into insightful answers that expose new opportunities for search marketers.

Mike has a talent for transforming competitors' habits into strategic opportunities that even beginners can understand, yet skilled veterans embrace. He built his business from spying on the competition, but his new plan suggests you turn your rivals into your best advisors.

"The thing that I am most passionate about; what I was born to do, is bring new ideas to market."

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