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Your competitors are unwittingly spilling their PPC and SEO secrets. Type any domain or page into our search bar, and we'll show you which keywords they have found to be the most successful. You will find:

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Adding up to 10,000 keywords per month, subscribers carry incredible power in getting more relevant research. You can import your entire AdWords list to make sure that you get deep SpyFu insight for every keyword you bid on.

Also, small businesses get a big boost. We search keywords like “party rentals,” but huge domains dominate the results. Local businesses tend to rank more often on keywords like “Seattle family attorney” or “limo rates in Knoxville.” You can slip out from the shadow of common searches by adding geo-specialty keywords.

We might not have thought of specific keywords that are central to your business, but that doesn’t lessen their importance. Make sure your branded keywords -- or even an entire product line -- make it into SpyFu.

You gain a competitive edge from watching rank changes and who’s making a move on your targeted keywords.