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  • Unlimited Searches

    We never cap your searches per day, downloads, or number of results you get.

  • Wisdom of the Market

    Multiple competitors are smarter than one. We give weight to the keywords they're all betting on.

  • The Right Answers

    Mounds of data mean nothing on their own. We prioritize keywords and answer your questions.

  • Dedicated Focus

    Targeting only US and UK activity means attention to valuable keywords you would.

  • We're Here

    Use Live Chat, Twitter, Facebook, and email to reach real people who understand what you're trying to accomplish.

  • More SEO Results

    We return the top 50 rankings, more than any other service. These easy wins are a launch pad to higher ranks.

  • Built from History

    Our data reveal patterns and trends that tell you more than just a current snapshot.

  • We Back up Our Results

    We keep cached pages to prove ads and the domains that bought them.

  • No Hoop Jumping

    If you don't love SpyFu, we won't trick you into sticking around.

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