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Map a Plan

PPC leaders agree that the way to manage ad campaigns relies on focused, targeted keywords.

Keyword SmartSearch

Keyword SmartSearch provides precision-control over finding new keyword ideas that are proven and profitable. Using the same keywords your competitors rely on, Keyword SmartSearch weights the Adwords that others return to again and again.

That leads to construction of highly-targeted refined lists, calculated off of the very criteria that matter to you: CPC range, search volume, negative matches, exact terms, and more.

Keyword Groupie

Whether your focus is PPC or SEO, strong relevance means more clicks. Smart, targeted ad groups lead to a better quality score and ultimately, stronger conversions. Our labs project, Keyword Groupie, sorts your own keywords into manageable groups for Adwords management in PPC or content mapping for SEO. For competitive domains, it delivers ideas for targeted growth.



Jump In

Comparing domains inside SpyFu Kombat shows you common keywords and exclusive lists that they advertise on. An even stronger competitive edge comes from the ability to compare up to three domains at a time.

SpyFu customers have revealed that this capability improved their research plans by providing insight they otherwise would have missed.

SpyFu Kombat enables you to see real-life comparisons of three domains. With a paid subscription, you see exactly where to beef up your strategy. It's more than bragging rights; it's bold-faced answers.

Come strong to any challenge, and hold your own in the midst of bigger competitors.





By enhancing the way you discover information, we help you shorten the learning curve in your campaign and realize insights you could have missed.

Graphs expose trends that signal a strong niche or the right time to make your move. Pie charts show a domain's portfolio strength. Are the bulk of their words making a dent or are they hidden from most eyes?

  • Click on a chart for at-a-glance history of a keyword's performance and stats
  • Click on the list icon and download these finds to Excel or CSV
  • The pie chart displays how the group of keywords perform for rank
  • Save your searches for return use.



Know the track

When you can trace the steps of other advertisers on a keyword, you have market testing already done for you.

Patterns track where your competitors tweaked their ad copy or returned to a well-performing headline.

Take note of the winners and steer clear of any letdowns.

Ad History reveals every advertiser whose ad has appeared anytime in the past 12 months on a given keyword.

And just the reverse, when you enter a website’s name, Domain Ad History lists every keyword they’ve advertised on in the past year.

Along with these millions and millions of ads, we’ve included the ad copy that goes with it. Changes and updates to this copy are the path to Adwords gold.



SpyFu subscriptions include 200 credits to build RECON Files domain reports. If you need more reports, more often, any upgrades to a RECON package are at a discounted rate created just for subscribers.

These SEO reports position you to super-serve your clients, while easing demands on your own time and costs. RECON Files reports assert your value prioritize opportunities so you gain even more business from existing and new customers.

Choose the Domain Dashboard’s full organic overview or the tight focus of a Keyword Ranking report and its bonus Weekly Tracking results. RECON Files SEO reports will be joined by PPC reports in an upcoming release.
RECON Files SEO reports will be joined by PPC reports in an upcoming release.


Track your own keyword

Branded and long-tail keywords are at your control. SpyFu subscribers can add keywords to the master list that we don’t yet track.

You are never bound to just one preset list of keywords, either. You gain full access to the wide list we already search, including years of historic data that opens your eyes to strategy-building trends and cycles.

If you still need a little more depth, grow the list with your own long tail phrases, industry keywords, or even misspellings. We’ll get right to work tracking them down and bringing you up to speed on details that matter most.