SpyFu Kombat

Domain Comparisons



  • Buy the keywords your competitors agree on.

    Your competitors unwittingly let their best secrets slip. SpyFu Kombat's Venn diagrams show you instantly which of their keywords you're missing.

    If more than one strong competitor continues to buy it, you should too. With a subscription, spotting the right keywords becomes foolproof.

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  • Negative-match wasteful keywords.

    When your competitors both avoid a keyword that you buy, you might be wasting your money on an unprofitable term.

    As a subscriber, you can use Kombat to single out keywords your ad appeared on, but your competitors didn't buy. Add these to negative match to stop bad clicks from wasting your budget.

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  • Start a PPC campaign with competitive keywords.

    Starting a new Adwords campaign can be daunting. You can skip hours of research and find a power set of keywords to get you started.

    Subscribing to Kombat helps you find the most trusted keywords from three other advertisers so you can build your campaign with confidence.

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  • Target the right SEO keywords too.

    Every Kombat technique works in SEO as well. Target new keywords that your competitors both rank on, but you don't. The negative match approach that you use in PPC tells you organic keywords that might be taking too much of your focus.

    If your competitors don't optimize for them, you shouldn't either.

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