SpyFu Keyword SmartSearch

Targeted Keyword Generator



  • Guaranteed better than Google at suggesting profitable keywords.

    Google can suggest similar keywords, but there's not much more they can share about what works for your competitors. SpyFu subscribers get new lists of keywords created from competitors' profitable keywords that convert.

    Useful for both SEO and PPC, SmartSearch can help you start a campaign or add new keywords to campaigns already underway.

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  • Keywords that fit your exact needs.

    Don't compromise with "maybe-they'll-work-for-me" keywords. Simply type in at least one keyword to get started, and SmartSearch digs through successful competitor campaigns -- collecting the strongest keywords that meet your standards.

    Set the search count, or establish a maximum cost per day so you don't burst your budget. Name the precise details you're looking for or simply put our automatic filters to use.

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  • Export refined, AdWords-ready lists.

    SpyFu subscribers can refine these lists and automatically set match types and destination URLs for these new ad groups. And since we have cost per click data for each keyword, you can choose to match those bid amounts or adjust them up or down.

    Once that's fine tuned, you can easily export your lists in an AdWords-ready format. Compile the most budget-conscious, targeted, converting keywords that fit each campaign.

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