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Paid Keywords

When we see a domain’s ad appear on a keyword search, we list that keyword here as a “paid keyword.” On Google you might see these referred to as “AdWords” and “PPC” keywords.

The domain that you searched has advertised on each of these keywords shown, and the URL below each keyword helps you see the exact landing page they used as the display URL.

The History link in the last column connects you to the Ad History tab for this domain where you can see every ad they’ve bought over the last 7 years along with every ad variation they’ve ever run.

The Cost per Click and Daily Cost are both estimated figures based on clear, provable data like the advertiser’s position on this keyword. The costs come from careful calculations we make using the Google Traffic Estimator’s best suggestion of how much it takes to reach the #2 position.

We can prove the advertiser’s ad position and the exact copy that appeared because we keep a screenshot of the SERP. See more about our cached SERP results here.

This section is a preview of the domain’s top paid keywords. Once you “View More” it opens the domain’s full list of paid keywords along with more actions and details that you can filter and export. This also adds an Ad Timeline to the grid, giving you an idea of how this domain’s ad position has fluctuated and how consistently it has advertised on this keyword. The ad timeline puts the most recent month on the right side of that small chart.

We go into even more detail about what all of these terms and stats mean: SpyFu Glossary.