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Organic Keywords

When people search these terms in Google, they will find a list of specific pages that Google considers an answer to that search. If the domain appears in the results-- outside of the paid ads -- then those very terms are known as a domain’s organic (also “natural,” “unpaid,” and “SEO”) keywords.

The domain appears in the top 50 search results for all of these keywords shown, and the URL below each keyword helps you see the exact page that ranked.

The rank shown in the far left column is from our most recent data update--usually at the beginning of the month. You can track the domain’s ranking on this keyword from past months by clicking the final column’s “History” link. That takes you to a different page on SpyFu where you can compare many keyword ranking trends from the same domain or multiple domains on one keyword.

SEO Clicks are the estimated clicks a domain gets from its organic ranking on this keyword. We estimate these clicks using the domain’s rank and the organic click-through rate for this keyword.

This section is a preview of the domain’s top organic keywords. Once you “View More” it opens the domain’s full list along with more actions and details that you can filter and export.

We go into even more detail about what all of these terms and stats mean: SpyFu Glossary