SpyFu Ad History



  • Learn from every advertiser's tests on the same keyword

    Most keywords have already been market tested, so why not build the results into your own ad campaign up front? To get these answers, we reach back over 7 years of ad evolution to find the copy that proved most successful.

    If the advertiser returns to version 2 of their ad even after trying 15 other versions, you can assume that version 2 is their best converting copy. That means you're getting high-performing ads before you spend a single dime.

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  • Find your competitors' strongest message

    When you enter a domain into Ad History, you can see patterns that uncover a competitor's ad strategy.

    Every time you filter to related keywords, we find the top ads that they used. Click to highlight their top ads across those keywords, so you can see their dominant message emerge. The same feature lets you reverse-engineer their ad groups, too.

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  • Steer clear of dead-end keywords

    Google won't tell you that some keywords are time-wasting money pits. SpyFu lets you look back over 7 years into a keyword's past to spot where there's a pattern of many advertisers dropping it after a short stint. That context helps you avoid keywords that haven't been profitable for anyone.

    You can go back, often to the first day a company started advertising, and see which keywords they abandoned to avoid the ones that don't convert.

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